Managed Backup Solution

Enjoy peace-of-mind as we automatically initiate, store, and secure your data. Plus, there's no need for additional hardware, staff or management overhead. We take care of everything from set-up to daily monitoring.

Continuous Snapshot Backups

Scheduled backups are automatically run and stored for 60 days. Snapshots are available as frequently as every 6 hours which ensures minimal (if any) deltas in data with minimal resource usage.

Professional Staff

Our experience includes building advanced web applications and content management systems for many groups in many different industries. We aren't just a backup service, our experienced web engineers can troubleshoot problems and restore your site the right way.

Hassle-Free Recovery

All incidents are handled by experienced Crowd Favorite engineers. There's no guesswork involved; we'll get you back to where you want to be as quickly as possible.


  • Gold: $400/month (6-hour snapshots)
  • Silver: $150/month (24-hour snapshots)

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