When you build complex, high profile web sites and provide full-service design and development for your clients, a good backup and recovery solution is something they will demand from you. BackupMoxie was built to provide that solution.

We began building BackupMoxie in 2008, using the best available technology and harnessing best practices and development techniques proven through years of experience and successful projects.

BackupMoxie is offered through a collaboration between Crowd Favorite and CFG Consulting.


  • Fully Managed Solution
  • 24/7 Support and Recovery
  • Complete Snapshot Backups
  • 60 Days of Full Backups
  • Secure, Redundant Infrastructure
  • Monitored Backups
  • Zero-Hassle Set Up and Restoration

See a list of great BackupMoxie features, and how we can protect your peace of mind.