• Fully Managed Solution Our engineers take care of everything: set-up, monitoring and recovery.
  • 24/7 Support and Recovery If your site needs recovery, we're there to take care of it. We pride ourselves in exceeding our 4 hour response time for most incidents.
  • Complete Snapshot Backups We capture a complete picture of your site: image files, text files, static HTML, PHP code, CGI scripts, compressed files, and all of your necessary databases.
  • 60 Days of Full Backups We store two full months of snapshots for every site. This allows us to restore, by request, to any of these points in time.
  • Secure, Redundant Infrastructure All data is backed up to multiple physical locations.
  • Monitored Backups If a backup ever fails (server unreachable, data transmission failure, etc.) or falls outside an expected range, our engineers are alerted to investigate.
  • Zero-Hassle Set Up and Restoration We get some basic site information from you, then take over from there.


BackupMoxie works with almost all Linux servers and with a small handful of requirements for amazing server configuration compatibility. Please contact us to see if your server set-up is compatible.


  • Gold: $400/month (6-hour snapshots)
  • Silver: $150/month (24-hour snapshots)

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